Thursday, August 22, 2013

Twisted Silver Jewelry Haul & Review

Twisted Silver has such unique pieces of jewelry and each one has such character! There are so many details in these pieces and they are even more stunning in person.  The jewelry designer Debra Mitchell loves using high quality parts and each piece reflects that in the look & weight.  They have heft to them and feel very sturdy.  Debra often uses vintage and recycled parts which adds character to each of the pieces.  My favorite thing about them is that they have a mix of different metals & textures throughout each piece!  Each of the pieces I received are some of my favorite jewelry pieces in my collection and each piece speaks for itself, yet is able to be layered which is very on point for Fall trends.

The Brick Bangle

The Brick Bangle is a gorgeous & unique bangle with the signature "Twisted Silver" coin on either side of the silver middle piece that has a fun texture on it.  The coin has brass rings that hold the two brass bracelets.  What I love about this bracelet besides the use of different metals and textures, is the movement it gives when I wear it. The brass bracelets are connected securely, but they move so nicely on the wrist and I love the way it wears on my wrist.  

 Recently I had the opportunity to try some jewelry from a company Twisted Silver. I was beyond thrilled to receive these pieces and be able to review them for ya'll! I am even more lucky to have the opportunity to give away this Brick Bangle pictured above! If you are interested in entering the giveaway, head over to my YouTube Channel to enter the giveaway! Mrslolalynn

The Muscle Bracelet
 The Muscle Bracelet is such an edgy bracelet with a mix of antiqued brass and silver flat chain links.  It has the signature "Twisted Silver" coin on one side and the clasp on the opposite side. This bracelet is perfect to wear loosely, yet gives the option to wear on a tighter notch as well.  Beautiful statement piece & one of my favorites!
* Love the signature "Twisted Silver" Coin detail added to each piece

 *The mixed metal details are my favorite & so trendy

 The Capture Neckace

The Capture Necklace has honestly captured my heart! This piece I have seen many celebrities wear and I have had my eye on it for awhile now!  It is the perfect piece to wear everyday with casual outfits, yet it dresses up any outfit.  It is a piece that can be worn on it's own or layered with another one of my favorite pieces The Creekwalk necklace! The Capture Necklace has a gunmetal chain with a toggle clasp that connects thru an antiqued brass ring.  Hanging off the brass ring are the "Twisted Silver" signature coins and this one has the mixture of the brass & silver coins making it sophisticated and edgy at the same time! This necklace wears so nicely and I have received so many compliments on it each time I wear it!

 *I love the toggle clasp on the Capture Necklace & token "Twisted Silver" coins
 The Button Necklace

The Button Necklace is one of the more unique pieces with it's collection of vintage buttons that vary from piece to piece, so no piece is alike! I like the fact that it makes each piece unique.  The chain detail is something I particularly appreciate.  One side is a gunmetal chain and near the base on the other side it switches to a thicker brass chain.  The Button Necklace also has the toggle closure on it and a little crystal charm hanging from the toggle.  Again, hanging from the mixed metal chain links are vintage buttons and the Twisted Silver coins.

 *The antique button details with the mixed metals and the different chain widths, and textures make the Button Necklace very unique
 *This necklace hangs down to the top of the ribcage which elongates the body

 The Creekwalk Necklace

The Creekwalk necklace is just stunning! Right off the bat looking at it, it is the perfect mix of classic and trendy.  It has a blend of glass pearls from Japan with gunmetal & brass chains.  The adjustable necklace is the perfect statement piece and can be worn on it's own or paired with The Capture Necklace for a perfect fashion statement. 

* My favorite pairing is The Capture Necklace & The Creekwalk Necklace together. Layering jewelry is very on trend this season and Twisted Silver pieces make it easy to do because this line is very cohesive, each piece works well with the next because of the mixed metals, textures and details! 

If you'd like to see more Twisted Silver pieces be sure to follow them on Instagram: @TwistedSilver or Twitter: @Twistedrocks for updates and information on frequent Flashsales.


*Twisted Silver sent me this jewelry for an honest review.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own.


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