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Makeup Geek Eyeshadows
Makeup Geek was created by a fellow YouTuber Marlena who got started making beauty videos and tutorials on her YouTube channel.  She then parlayed that into a very successful makeup line that made it's debut starting with these shadows and has followed with many other wonderful quality products.  Marlena used to use a lot of MAC Cosmetics in her tutorials, so I think her idea was to make a quality shadow with an affordable price tag.  These shadows run $7.99 a pan and come in a variety of colors and finishes.  The pans are magnetic & adhere best to Z-Palettes, which is what is shown in the picture above.  Below are swatches of the colors I own and a direct link to the shadow on the Makeup Geek Website!  These shadows are some of my favorites I own and I highly recommend MUG Shadows, I think they are affordable, blend well and are very pigmented! 

Frosted slightly warm Ivory
I love bling for a highlight shade and a beautiful inner corner highlight. It also makes a great all over lid color with a darker color in the crease.

Beaches & Cream
Creamy Matte Neutral Beige W/Hint of Peach
Beaches & Cream is a gorgeous peachy shade that makes a beautiful transition color and doesn't overwhelm any look. It's great to blend out crease color & defuse the look.

Peach Smoothie
Light Peach Beige W/Soft Matte Finish
I can't say how much I love this shade! It really warms up the crease and gives such a nice peachy tone to any look.  It's a little darker than the Beaches & Cream and adds more dimension. 

Creme Brûlée
Medium Sand Color W/Soft Matte Finish
This is the darker of the peachy brown shades.  I love pairing this with olives & greens to really bring warmth to the look.  It's a great crease color, but also really darkens up the look.  Very pigmented!
Creme Brulee-

Dark sand and light taupe tan with slight shimmer
I love this taupe shade, it's light and works well as a crease color or all over lid color. I have worn this on my lid with Creme Brulee in my crease & it's a stunning look!


Matte khaki brown
Such a unique shade, it's almost a camel brown color with a bit of yellow orange in it.  It doesn't look like it would be much, but it is amazing to blend out the crease and just adds such a great tone to any look.

Medium brown with gold shimmer
Gorgeous color and the sheen that comes across is beautiful on the eye! I love this as an all over lid color.

Taupe Notch
Beautiful Taupe color that isn't too overpowering.  It's very true taupe with a nice sheen.

Prom Night
Pale Purple W/Hints of Grey Shimmery Finish
One of my favorite colors because it is such a pale purple grey and I love tones that have that slight purple tone to them because I think they are so flattering to Green/Blue eyes.

Deep matte brown
Mocha makes a great outter corner color and provides depth while darkening up the crease.


Metallic bronze
This is a beyond stunning shade! I love the sheen to it and it is so smooth & buttery. One swipe of this eyeshadow provides full pigmentation.

Cocoa Bear
Matte reddish brown
This is very close to MAC Brown Script. It's a very warm, reddish toned Brown and it applies so smoothly with such rich pigmentation.

Matte Pale Pink Brown
I can't say enough about this color. It's such a gorgeous matte purple shade.  It says it's a Pink Brown, but it's more mauve toned to me.  I love this in the crease or all over the lid! This also pairs beautifully with Homecoming & Prom Night!

Pale Shimmery Muted Purple
Another stunning shade, I just love Purples, can you tell? This is a must have and is very smooth & buttery.  

Last Dance
Satin medium to deep plummy brown
This has that gorgeous almost Cranberry sheen to it.  Such a great color coming into Fall, but can be worn anytime.  I have paired this with Unexpected in the crease and it's such such a warm & beautiful eye!

Shimmery Purple with Flecks of Silver
This is a beautiful & unique shade. It's almost what I wish Trax from MAC would be like.  This is smooth and buttery and just applies beautifully.

Pale Matte Lavender
This shade is so unique because it's very difficult to find a pigmented Matte lavender eyeshadow that isn't powdery and translates to this color on the eye.  I LOVE this shade & I think it's a must have!

Purple Rain
Matte True Purple
Beautiful Matte purple that is very pigmented and blends beautifully.

Drama Queen
A densely dark purple with a shimmery finish
Such an intense purple shade with a gorgeous shimmer sheen to it.  Again, this shade applies very smoothly and the sheen is very apparent!

Metallic Medium Silver
Beautiful mid-tone Silver that pairs beautifully with Stealth.

Matte True Grey
I love this Grey because it's hard to find a Grey that doesn't lean too blue on me.  This one remains Grey and is very pigmented & applies smoothly.

If you are interested check out my live swatches of some of the colors on my YouTube Channel Mrsloalynn:

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