Friday, April 11, 2014

★Wantable Monthly Subscription Unboxing Trilogy★

WANTABLE |  Monthly Subscription Box Service

Wantable is a box subscription service that caters to several different needs by offering 3 different boxes!

They offer a Makeup Box, for you beauty lovers who like to try different products from a variety of different brands.  The Makeup Box comes with 4-5 Full sized items each month & I have LOVED my makeup boxes because I have discovered so many awesome brands!

They offer an Accessories Box for those of you who are fashion lovers! This box comes with 3-4 accessories that are on trend for each season! I have gotten sunglasses, necklaces, earrings, scarves, bangles and so on in my boxes! I LOVE the quality pieces sent!

The last box they offer is Intimates Box, this is a box for every girl who likes to lounge and look cute all the way down to socks, underwear, bras, tank tops and leggings.  I was SUPER impressed with my intimates box and the items were very quality from nice brands.

For each of the boxes you fill out a style profile by answering questions based on your personal preferences.  This helps them decide how to curate your box each month.  The thing I LOVE about Wantable is there is a money back guarantee and a return policy that is very simple.  If you aren't happy with your box, you simply return it!  Each month you have the option to review your box with simple questions or go in and change your style profile at any time.  This is to ensure you are 100% happy with each box and I love this because it just reflects the amazing customer service that Wantable offers.

Each box is $36 for a monthly subscription, you can skip a month or cancel at anytime.  For a one time purchase only it's $40.  The quality of the products in the box pay for the box and if you are like me and like to see how much each item costs, they have an itemized list with retail price and info about each item for you to look over!

Overall, I highly recommend all 3 boxes and I have a video to share the unboxing of all 3 if you'd like to check out what type of items come in the boxes:


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Where did you get the dresser in the background? I always see it in your videos & love it.

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