Wednesday, November 5, 2014

SEPHORA VIB 20% Off Sale Recommendations + Favorites

Sephora Beauty Recommendations

Shopping the Sephora VIB 20% sale or just looking for recommendations from Sephora, these are my top picks of products I love & will purchase over and over again!

This is a gorgeous highlighter with a formula that is so creamy and highly pigmented!

One of my favorite bronzers because it's Matte so it can be used for both contouring and bronzing!

Such a finely milled powder that wears so light on the face and gives a great finish as well as wonderful coverage!

The Perfect everyday blush to add color to the face! Would work on any skin tone!

This lipsticks are ultra creamy and so pigmented that you only need one swipe! These are by far one of my favorite formulas and I love these particular shades, but they have so many to choose from!

I love using this to set under the eyes and the rest of the face.  Give a nice light without getting cake face or looking shimmery!

Perfect set to try the high pigment lip pencils because it comes with 4 different pencils and 2 are neutral colors, while 2 are bold colors!

This is hands down one of my favorite holiday sets this year! I think it has everything you need in it and I love the way the products perform!

These eyeshadows are so pigmented and creamy and they have 210 shades to choose from.  I find I love the looks I create with them and they blend beautifully on the eyes!

My favorite cream blushes because they set to look like second skin.  My favorite color is 410 because it's a gorgeous Coral that just brings life to the face!

This is my go-to full coverage foundation, I swear by it!

I love the Sephora Pro brush line, however these are some stand outs!

These liners are gorgeous colors and I love the formula.  They last all day and are ultra creamy!

The BEST flawless bronzer.  I use this to warm up my complexion and it looks so natural because it just melds into the skin.

This is a beautiful mauve lip liner that helps create that perfect 90's Lip Trend.

This foundation is another go-to foundation for me. I find this stays all day and looks the most natural on my face while still giving me medium coverage!

These blushes are ultra smooth and pigmented. I recommend all 3 colors because they are so flattering on the cheeks!

Best eyelash curler because it is not as rounded, so it really gets to the lash line to curl all lashes with no trouble.

I have gone through 1 of these already because I use it day and night. It's my favorite and it smells like Roses!

This gives the skin the most amazing Glow you have ever seen! I use it under my foundation and my face just looks fresh without looking greasy!

This is my RideOrDie eyebrow product, I honestly can't get enough of it. Such a fine tip that it gives definition and the wax/pencil is so perfect at disrupting color without buildup in the brows.

This is a perfect product to use before you fill in your brows because it has tiny fibers in it that make it perfect for those of us who aren't missing too many gaps but just need a little help!

This is the softest cotton ever! It makes taking off eye makeup a breeze because it doesn't tug at your sensitive eye area.

This is my favorite toner because I really feel like it keeps my skin clear and it kills all the bacteria on my face!

I love this cream for night time because it nourishes my face and I wake up refreshed.

Perfect for those pesky pimples! I pop a little of this potent stuff on my pimples at night and I wake up in the morning with them almost gone or dramatically reduced!

Best product ever because it depuffs the eyes and it brightens them at the same time.  I use this every morning and it in turn makes me use less concealer because the brightener in it really brightens the under eyes!

Best exfoliator ever because it has such tiny granules in it that really polish up the skin and leave your face feeling baby smooth!

Great investment for daily gentle exfoliating!

I hope you found this helpful! 


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