Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lipstick Pastille Violet

  Bite Beauty
*Infused with Natural & Food Grade Ingredients
*Organic Shea Butter: Conditions and hydrates lips
*Vitamins E and C: Protect and defend the lips from premature aging
*One Swipe give full Velvety Color

Matte Creme Lipstick Formula

*3 Colors (Pastille Lilac, Pastille Violet, Pastille Lavender)
*Limited Edition
*$24 each
*One swipe of color lasts for hours
*Doesn't dry out lips

                                           Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lipstick- Pastille Violet

*This particular color is the only one from the line I have tried and it makes me wanting more.  I put it on my lips and it went full pigmented color in one swipe! The color was rich and juicy without having slip to it.  I wore the color for 7 hours without needing to touch up.  To me, that is an indication of a great lipstick! 

*This is a gorgeous violet color with a hint of fuchsia undertones to it. Wearing purple can be somewhat difficult for some, but I would describe this as a very wearable violet color. 

*What I really love about this lipstick formula was although it was long wearing, the formula was not drying to my lips.  They never felt dry or cracked, just constantly nourished! Even the end of the day when I took off the lipstick, it left my lips hydrated, where as typical Matte formulas tend to leave lips a little dehydrated.  

*The lipstick is a little pricey at $24, but I feel like you get what you pay for as far as quality, color, & wear.  


Caitlin Cadley said...

Hey Laura! I was watching your video today and I noticed you started a blog! Woohoo! Can't wait to see all the goodies you talk about :) lets be blogger buddies!
Stay fabulous!
Caitlin Cadley, your loyal YouTube fan haha :)

Laura said...

Hey Caitlin! Yes, I did start a blog! I haven't done much with it! I am waiting for a new blog design to really get started! I am hoping to start posting more!

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