Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Milani Coming Up Roses Powder Blush Collection {Spring 2014}

 Milani Coming Up Roses Powder Blush Collection for Spring 2014 features 4 Bright, Bold & Intense colors.  All of these are matte finish & retail for $7.99 at most places.  

Love Potion- Bright Matte Pink
This color swatches well and blended well on the cheeks. The color is very intense, so I find these apply best with a duo fibre brush and I make sure to tap a little off on my hand before I apply to my face.

Tea Rose- Midtone Matte Rose
This color is the most subtle of the 4, yet still packs a punch.  It's extremely pigmented and is probably the most wearable out of all of them for most people.  I found this color blended in beautifully to the cheeks and wore all day.

Coral Love- Bright Matte Coral
This blush although gorgeous in color was the most powdery of the 4 and when swatched it was patchy and the powder would just shift around as I tried to blend it in.  When I applied it to my cheeks it was a different story, it blended nicely and gave a great coral pop to the cheeks. Again, this is very pigmented so a little goes a long way.  

Lady Rouge- Bright Matte Reddish Pink
This is a gorgeous color when applied to the cheeks because it is one of those colors that gives the snow bitten cheek look and makes the face appear like it's flushed from being out in the cold.  That comes across as natural because when our faces get flushed, that is what our cheeks do, so I love the way this particular color looks applied to the cheeks.  Very pigmented, yet applied somewhat patchy when swatched on hand. 

       Love Potion, Tea Rose, Coral Love, Lady Rouge

Overall Thoughts- These blushes are very pigmented and the colors are bright, bold and on trend for Spring.  The packaging is stunning with the gold rim, it's a real showstopper.  The product itself swatches patchy and inconsistent on the hand, but when applied to the cheeks it is pigmented and blends well. All of the colors kick up a lot of powder. The only color I would skip on is Coral Love, only because that one took a little effort to blend and apply evenly on the cheek.  

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