Tuesday, June 10, 2014


LORAC Cosmetics 
PRO Palette2
Price: $42
Included: 16 Shades, 8 Matte, 8 Shimmer, 1 Behind The Scenes Eyeshadow Primer
Available- NOW @  Ultabeauty.com

Just like PRO Palette 1, this has a rubberized, thin package.  Instead of the Black color like the PRO1, this is a slate gray.  This I believe reflects the theme of the cool-toned palette.  The shades in the first palette leaned more warm toned and these are more cooler toned shades. 

Like the first palette, the top row is all matte shades & the bottom row is all shimmer.  The only repeat color in the two palettes is the Black shade.  Other than that, each shade is different from the PRO1.  I do see a few shades like Rose & Snow that I have seen in other smaller PRO sets. 

 (Shades L-R) Top Row- Buff, Lt. brown, Cool Gray, Nectar, Plum, Navy, Charcoal, Black
Bottom Row- Snow, Beige, Rose, Mocha, Chrome, Silver, Jade, Cocoa

This last picture is taken with studio lights, the others are taken with natural lighting

Overall Thoughts- The top Matte shades are very very creamy and are the same quality and formula of the first PRO Palette.  I am happy about this because the matte shades in the PRO1 are some of my favorites and blend so incredibly!  The Black shade in this palette swatches a little patchy, but I believe it applies to the eye with more consistency like the PRO1.  It's for sure not the blackest Black ever, so that is the only downfall. The Shimmer shades on the bottom row are perfect! I love the color selection and can find that this palette would be a great addition to the original PRO1 if that is already in your collection.  IF, for some reason you do not own the LORAC PRO1 palette... run, go find it, it's my favorite of ever.  If I were going to recommend 1 out of the 2 to get, I would say the PRO1 because it's everything and more neutral and the PRO2 seems to be just a touch more colorful with the addition of the Navy/Teal Matte shade and the Jade Green shimmer shade.  Overall, one is warmer and 2 is cooler in comparison. 

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Veronica Vargas said...

Didn't know you had a blog! Thanks so much for sharing this! Can't wait to get it!

Kathleen C. said...

It's so pretty! But it reminds me of the Laura Mercier Artist palettes, which I have :/

beautybuzzhub said...

Great post laura!

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