Saturday, August 16, 2014


 Top Palette Naked2 Basics, Bottom Original Naked Basics

Urban Decay

Urban Decay has released a new palette in their 'Naked" line, this one is a sequel to the Naked Basics palette, which is a palette of 6 neutral shades with 5 matte and one satin shade.  The Naked Basics 2 retails for $29.00 at: Urban Decay , Ulta, Macy's & Sephora!

New Shades: 
Skimp- Peach Champange Satin shade
Stark- Matte Light Camel Brown
Frisk-Matte Light Taupe
Cover- Matte Rose Taupe
Primal- Matte Ash Taupe Brown
Undone- Matte Grey Slate

All shades in Basics2 lean more on the taupe/cool/ash tones.  They are all very smooth and swatch nicely.  The formula is very pigmented and buttery, it blends out very nicely on the eye.  Swatched these two palettes look similar, but they are very different when applied to the eye,  The Naked Basics Original palette is much warmer/yellow in comparison to the Basics2.  I think you could find use for both, but if you prefer to only purchase one, I will say that the Basics 1 has a matte & satin highlight shade and feels like more of a complete palette.  The Basics2 has only 1 shade that is light enough to be a highlight and that is Skimp.  Stark is the next lightest shade and it is not light enough to be a brow bone highlight, it's more of a transition color.  So overall, the palette is 1 highlight, 3 transition shades and 2 deeper outer corner shades. It all boils down to what you are searching for in the purchase of the palette because both are beautiful in their own way! 

I call the Basics palettes "Sister palettes" or "Best Friends" to other palettes because they really go hand in hand especially with the Naked 1 palette because that palette is lacking a matte highlight shade and a matte outer corner shade.  If you are traveling with the Naked Palette, just grab one of the Basics palettes and you will be all set and have everything you need to create a full look!

Look using this palette will be coming soon to my YouTube Channel: Mrslolalynn, so don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss it!


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So excited for this!! :-)

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